Multi-Use Cable Cross-Over


  • COMMERCIAL-GRADE CABLE-CROSS MACHINE: The Maximus Fitness cable crossover should be a stable of every gym; offering unparalleled manufacturing and materials quality, with the flexibility you expect from a multi-function cable-cross machine.
  • FLEXIBLE: In addition to a 16-point adjustment set on the vertical bars, our Maximus Fitness Cable Crossover Machine features a number of other pulley and cable adjustments which allow integration of benches, etc
  • DURABLE AND SMOOTH ENGINEERING: Our cable cross machines feature a dual-bar guide system which allows stable and consistently-smoother operation throughout the entire range of motion.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION AND DYNAMIC: The flexibility of our cable-cross machine allows a large variety of exercises, from multi-position chest press routines (high, mid, low) to standing bicep and tricep sets, as well as lat exercises, rows, and much more!  The integrated multi-angle top bars allow for everything from chin-ups to stretching exercises as well.
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